Sunday, May 15, 2005

Food for Thought-"Towering Babblers" (click this link)

Sometimes its a good thing to relax, kick back, meditate, recline and reflect on the goodness of life. But, there is also a time for expressing a worthwhile and much needed opinion. There is a move afoot in our environment and world today to equate religious belief with political correctness and one's worthiness to receive God's blessing and favor. We can dub it "The War of the Godspeak"for amusement. And, of course, this move is not exclusive to the time period of the 21st century.It has been going on for centuries.We all remember the crusades. But, for an incisive perspective on the current "spirit of the times" in which this debate or "struggle" continues, I recommend clicking on the above link and reading the recent newspaper article by Pulitzer Prize Winning journalist E.R. Shipp, a columnist for the New York Daily News. And feel free to tune into our gospel radio program "Revcoolc's Gospel Mix" which airs every Sunday from 5:00a.m.-5:00p.m.,while reading your Sunday paper.(No longer streaming)( Noted8.9.07)

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