Wednesday, June 07, 2006

In Memory of Billy Preston

Known as the fifth Beatle,Billy Preston passed away yesterday. One of his more memorable performances was at the massive benefit concert for Bangaledesh organized by George Harrison and his friends in 1971. The Concert for Bangladesh was one of the most ambitious humanitarian efforts in rock music history. It produced an extraordinary contribution for UNICEF, exceeding $15 million. Perhaps more importantly, the concert focused global attention on the crisis in Bangladesh and raised the consciousness of other musicians and millions of their young fans to a new awareness of UNICEF and its role in the developing world.For the video footage of Billy Preston's performance,follow this link to "That's the Way God Planned It."

For more on Mr. Preston's passing,please click on this link. For further information about this historic concert and its current legacy in the realm of positive global humanitarian action and what people are currently doing to make a difference,visit the George Harrison Fund for Unicef.