Wednesday, November 15, 2006

John Mayer One on One with Oprah and Performing "Waiting On the World To Change"

John blogs to his friends on while he waits patiently in the Green room which just happens to be sandalwood. His blow by blow account of the pre-show anticipation was quite endearing. See more on his blog.


Not only did John get the one on one treatment with Oprah today in an interview which revealed his sensitive yet rebellious schoolboy side,but he also performed the hit single "Waiting On the World to Change". The initial single released from the "Continuum" CD, he revealed during the interview that the song took only one night to pen. More accurately characterized by Mayer as a social observation song, it is viewed by some as his upbeat contribution to this generation's protest song genre. It is one of this writer's favored picks ,and several of its versions including those on the Continuum and Best Buy Exclusive EP featuring Ben Harper are broadcast on Heavier Octaves Radio.For a peek at the lyrics go here. Take a look at a segment of John and Oprah interview below:

John Mayer Oprah Interview

Self professed know it all 

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John told Oprah how he always knew exactly what he wanted to do as a kid and specifically requested an audience with his parents to discuss dropping out of school,which of course they didn't go for since they are both educators. Here's an excerpt:

John says he even asked his parents—a principal and a teacher—if he could drop out of school to pursue music. He says now he's thankful they didn't let him. "You have to be careful as a successful person because success validates any of the stupid decisions you made in your life," John says.
Well, one thing for sure, it is nice to know that John does his own blogging.His friends who aren't already in the know will certainly be happy about that.It must become quite overwhelming since he has a rather large fan base,especially in light of his unusual penchant for staying in touch with their varied sentiments and views. Based on my observations,he is uncannily deft at it...
He's also a gifted prose writer...what a nice touch.

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