Friday, December 08, 2006

Living "Life Out of Context"

I came across this book as I was visiting a social networking site today, seems like it would be an interesting read. So,I ordered a copy from Amazon and will try to squeeze in a read during the busy holiday schedule. I am resonating with Kristin Wartman's review. Here is an excerpt:

Walter Mosley is well known for his literary fiction, mystery series and science fiction. His latest book however, is a departure from those genres as he explores a variety of nefarious effects of economic globalism in Life Out Of Context. This slim, quick and enthralling read is an examination of what he calls the contemporary condition each of us are living in — a life out of context. By that he means human beings across the globe do not see their connection to each other or to any political, social, ethical or moral cause, despite the fact that globalization and technology have brought us all closer together and implicated us more deeply into each other's lives.

He writes with beauty and precision, and his scathing critiques of our government are right on point. Mosley, an African-American, discusses the lack of context among African-Americans and the problems they face as a result, consistently and seamlessly tying in the seemingly endless problems and injustices in this world. He emphasizes how all problems are connected and to remedy them, we must each pick a particular cause, learn about it and try to help fix it. He believes that if enough people do this a clearer sense of equity and justice will evolve. Mosley acknowledges the idealism present in these notions, but goes on to make them feel like real concrete possibilities...

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