Friday, December 01, 2006

Rapper and Music Mogul Jay-Z Seeks to Solve a World Water Problem


Jay-z is lending an impressive hand in an effort to raise awareness about the severity of the water shortage problem in Africa which is about as devastating as any virus or war.To download and view the original United Nations Webcast click here and scroll down to the August 9, 2006 archive entry.To see the Nightline Online video "A Higher calling for Jay-Z" click here.

In a recent interview with Nightline's Martin Bashir,Jay-Z states:

"Three people die every three minutes … from easily preventable diseases,"

In order to see these problems firsthand, Jay-Z approached MTV and invited a crew to follow him during visits to Angola and South Africa. But he wanted to do more than entertain and meet and greet fans.

"I set an incredibly lofty goal of getting the U.N. involved," he said. "So they spoke to my people, they spoke to MTV and then the whole thing happened and it's like — wow!"

...The result is a public awareness campaign launched by the United Nations and spearheaded by a 30-minute documentary, "Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life," which debuted on MTV last week and can be seen on their website.

I must say even though the man has more than enough material wealth,his "goodwill" stock just soared upwards a few notches in my "humanitarian concerns and giving back to the community" book.I do keep a running tab on those things you know,as that is part of what Heavier Octaves is about.We report the good, the productive and the meaningful.

It's really heart-warming to see the "Hova" stepping out and representing like this.I also like the way in tonight's interview with Bashir, he owned up to his admittedly sometimes mysogynistic lyrics of the past and suggested that his rap on women has improved and he has since grown.Bravo to Jay-Z!

I have checked out the new CD Kingdom Come.And,I am definitely listening to the cut "Minority Report" Jay-z's take on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. With his clout,I'm glad to see the multi-platinum rapper, hailing from Brooklyn,New York, keeping it real by offering up strong,relevant and informative rap with kicka-- beat and overall production.Jam on and soar while you're at it...

BTW,that was a short retirement. But,I'm definitely not mad at'cha (at you). As a matter of fact,welcome back to the mix...

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