Thursday, December 07, 2006

World Aids Day at Riverside Church- Sunday,December 3,2006

This past Sunday,I attended the World Aids Day program at the Riverside Church of New York and it was very inspiring.This was also the day that the official Aids Ministry was installed at the church.I plan to have pictures of the event posted soon...

It was a very enriching time.The day started off with a moving sermon by the Senior Minister, Dr. James A. Forbes entitled "AIDS: Beyond the Cause to the Cure."

My Highlights of the program which followed immediately after the worship service:

-I met and engaged in heatwarming dialogue with a very dedicated woman from Lesotho,a small country enclosed by South Africa, who founded an oprganization--Less Aids--several years ago to fight the growing scourge of AIDS in her country.

-I was moved by stories shared by Miss Black New York 2006,Shade Ogunleye, who did volunteer work on an AIDS unit at Harlem Hospital. She shared the moving story of an AIDS stricken child.

-There was a wonderful presentation by the Rev.Linda Tarry-Chard on the People Project Foundation which she founded to fight AIDS in South Africa. I was really inspired by her illustration of the "IF" or "Internet Family" which has been created to provide mentors and virtual family members for the number of AIDS orphans growing at an alarming rate in that country.

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