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Quincy Jones, John Mayer to Headline LA Music Expo; Previous Posts-John Mayer Donates $500,000 to Hope for Haiti Now Benefit;Proceeds from the Sale of John Mayer Merchandise to Benefit Haiti Earthquake Relief, Free Music Download And Song of the Day "Half of My Heart" by John Mayer (Live)

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Photo Source

 Producer Quincy Jones, pop guitarist John Mayer and retired soul singer Bill Withers will headline performing rights group ASCAP's annual songwriters convention in Hollywood on April 22-24, organizers said.

The trio will share the secrets of their success and craft during Q&A sessions at the fifth annual "I Create Music" Expo, once again taking place at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.(more...)

Previous Posts 

John Mayer Donates $500,000 to Hope for Haiti Now Benefit

Proceeds from the Sale of John Mayer Store Merchandise to Benefit Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

Follow the store on Twitter!

Free Download/Song of the Day -"Half of My Heart"

Click link immediately above,  post title link or to listen to on Heavier Octaves Radio click on link below:

Half of My Heart by John Mayer(performed live at Music Hall of Williamsburg)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haiti Telethon Raises Charity Estimate To $61 million;John Mayer Donates 500,000 to Hope for Haiti Now Telethon;BET Telethon Set For Feb.5; Amazing Grassroots Efforts-Tot Raises $160,000

LOS ANGELES — Organizers for last week's "Hope for Haiti Now" telethon, backed by George Clooney and Haiti-born rapper Wyclef Jean, on Monday raised the estimated amount of money it raised to more than $61 million, to date.

The two-hour telethon, which aired Friday, drew an average audience of 24 million viewers in the United States to watch celebrities performing, telling tales of heroism and answering telephones to take donations.

R&B star Alicia Keys sang "Prelude to a Kiss." U.S. rapper Jay-Z debuted a song with U2's Bono and The Edge and Beyonce sang her "Halo" with Coldplay's Chris Martin on piano (more)
BET Telethon set to air February 5,with P.Diddy and Queen Latifah as Co-hosts
Big Donors:

Several celebrities have given hugely generous amounts,icluding John Mayer with a $500,000 donation called in to the telethon before it began. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock donated One Million.

Amazing Grass Roots Efforts:

People are doing so many wonderful things on their own to help out. Some are singing songs,some are selling T-shirts,some are selling books. For more interesting stories about individual efforts,click here or report what you and your group are doing in the comment box.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti:How You Can Help- Rebroadcast Larry King Special Monday Night,January 18,2010-Stars Raise 8 Million

Heavier Octaves: Haitian Relief:John Mayer Sings for Haiti On Larry King Special Monday Night,January 18,2010-Stars Raise 8 Million

Larry King is currently rebroadcasting Haiti:How You Can Help. John Mayer sang "Heart of Life" live via satellite from London.Seal also sang and closed out the show with "People Get Ready".

Stars helping out on the telephone bank included Russell Simmons,Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon,Snoop Dogg,Ben Stiller,Danny Glover,Benecio Del Toro,UN Ambassador Tea Leoni,Sean Combs and Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy.

Larry King interviewed Mick Jagger who also talked about his collaboration with Wyclef Jean and a segment of that song's video was shown.Larry King also interviewed Paula Abdul who revealed the Opus of Michael Jackson, a one of a kind book on his life which was autographed by the artists present and was auctioned off to raise funds.Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were there to talk about UNICEF's Tap(clean water) program.

Soledad O'brien reported on the deplorable condition of an orphanage and the babies who were housed in a truck since the structure of the building in which they were living was too unstable and dangerous.

Ryan Seacrest was also there keeping tabs on the Tweet Suite which was monitored by Jared Leto and Molly Sims. Ringo Starr made an appeal for Haiti as well. Anderson Cooper showed some footage from Haiti and reported on the status of the rescue and recovery efforts.

The show also set up a Tweet Suite with hash tags CNNHELPHAITI,which was a top trending topic on Twitter that evening.

Sean Combs sold his sunglasses for $1,000.00 and Larry King's suspenders for $5,000.
Kobe Bryant and Charles Barkley were there also and made appeals.

Also,the following numbers were given for viewers to send donations to four organizations.benefiting including UNICEF and the RED CROSS.

Text Unicef to 20222 to donate $10
Text Haiti to 90999 to /donate
UNICEF 1-800-4unicef

Heavier Octaves: Larry King Live Rebroadcast of Haiti:What You Can Do

Heavier Octaves: Larry King Live Rebroadcast of Haiti:What You Can Do

Thursday, January 21, 2010

John Mayer & Keith Urban To Film 'Crossroads'

John Mayer will team up with Keith Urban on Tuesday, January 26th to film CMT's Crossroads in Nashville. Crossroads pairs country artists with musicians from other genres, where the stars swap stories and share their love of music. Show air date is TBA.

U2,Jay-Z are One for Haiti;From the Archives:Oprah and Bono Paint the Town Red- Alicia Keys and Bono Perform Don't Give Up Africa; Hollywood Stars Assist Haiti

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The Edge announced Wednesday that he and bandmates Bono, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. joined forces with Hova last week to write and record a quickie charity song that will benefit relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Haiti .
The guitarist told an Irish radio station that producer Swizz Beats contacted him and said he and Jay-Z "wanted to do something for Haiti."
"So Bono came up with the phrase on the phone and last night we were here, we wrote a song, finished, recorded, and sent it back to them," said Edge. "So that might be the next thing you hear from us."(more)

January 22,2010 Hope for Haiti Telethon
Also Alicia Keys, Bono, Beyonce, and a host of other celebrities will also be joining the "Hope for Haiti" concert line up. Arrangements are still being made for the event. The show broadcasting live from New York,Los Angeles and affiliated networks around the globe will air tomorrow January 22,2010 live.

Stay tuned to Heavier Octaves for further updates.

From the Archives :

Hollywood Stars Assist Haiti (Angelina Jolie,Brad Pitt,Wyclef Jean and George Clooney)

Oprah and Bono Paint the Town Red-Alicia Keys & Bono Perform Don't Give Up Africa 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News Update:John Mayer Store Merchandise to Benefit Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts. Donations Will Be Made To Red Cross

Proceeds from the sale of  select items from the John Mayer  Merchandise Store will  be donated to Haitian Relief efforts by the Red Cross.Visit the store today and help support Haiti Earthquake Relief. You can find the store at this link.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haitian Relief:Stars Raise 8 million;John Mayer and Seal Sing for Haiti On Larry King Special Monday Night,January 18,2010

Larry King Hosted a Special last night to Support Red Cross  Haitian Relief efforts. The special also benefited UNICEF,the United Nation's Children's Fund.

John Mayer performed "Heart of Life" as others helping out and sharing their thoughts included Mick Jagger,P.Diddy,Snoop Dogg,Jennifer Lopez,Nicole Richie and Paula Abdul. Seal also sang a song, closing out the show with his rendition of "People Get Ready". They all came together in a unified effort to support Haiti Earthquake Relief:

King's  two hour special which began at 8 p.m. EST, brought celebrities and leaders together to inspire support for the American Red Cross relief effort in Haiti.

The CNN Special - "Larry King Live: Haiti: How You Can Help" - pointed out how people could help survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Guests  joined Larry King in the studio and via satellite. CNN's Campbell Brown reported Haiti news updates throughout the program.

The entire list of those that were scheduled to appear:

Ashley Judd
Queen Rania
Ben Stiller
Ringo Starr
Benicio del Toro
Russell Simmons
Charles Barkley
Ryan Seacrest
Christian Slater
Sarah Ferguson
Colin Powell
Scarlett Johansson
Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
Jared Leto
Snoop Dogg
Jeff Probst
Jennifer Lopez
Susan Sarandon
Joel and Benji Madden
Tea Leoni
John Mayer
Tom DeLonge
Kobe Bryant
Tommy LaSorda
Mick Jagger
Pras Michel

The CNN special also benefited UNICEF, the United Nation's Children's Fund.

Red Cross staff and volunteers from around the globe are reaching out to help the people of Haiti. First aid posts have been set up in the streets, where Red Cross workers and volunteers from Haiti and other countries are working side by side to clean and stitch up wounds amidst the rubble.

The Red Cross is setting up a field hospital in one area and a water trucking program and latrines in another. The USS Comfort is also en route to Haiti, and the American Red Cross is training Creole-speaking volunteers to work as translators when Haitians come aboard for medical care.

More supplies and staff are on the way. If you would like to donate to Haiti relief, visit or call 1-800-REDCROSS. Mobile donors can text "Haiti" to 90999 to make a $10 contribution.

About the American Red Cross:

The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies nearly half of the nation's blood; teaches lifesaving skills; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a charitable organization - not a government agency - and depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit or join our blog at

Friday, January 15, 2010

Heavier Octaves Supports Haitian Relief Efforts;From the Archives More Concerts To Aid Hurricane Katrina Victims/MegaMillions Raised For Hurricane Katrina;Free "Live" Music Download Gravity by JM3

                                                                     Photo Source
Heavier Octaves, Inc. is a non-profit grass roots humanitarian membership organization inspired by the music and fan communities of the founders' favorite musician(s). Its mission is supporting and promoting music,events,art, musicians and friends who heighten perspective,build community and improve the environment while getting the word out employing innovative new media, music and art. As part of that support we launch fund raising projects to assist needed future humanitarian programs or those already in progress,garnering resources from our members and the larger community.

The devastating earthquake in Haiti has caused death,destruction to property and many Haitians are left homeless and without food. This calamity has generated a global outpouring of sympathy and support. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti who have been affected by this disaster, as well as concerned relatives and friends. We will be keeping our members updated and promoting information as well as events associated with relief efforts on our blog,podcasts and videos at the grassroots level. You are also free to post a blog or share pictures and videos. This blog is an open forum. We just ask you to leave an email address, so we can add you to our mailing list and contact you directly with updates.

Our members have in the past, traveled to the scene of devastation rendering aid and assistance to the Hurricane Katrina ravaged gulf coast. Those travels are well documented on our blog with entries and photos detailing what we witnessed and the aid we rendered. In addition, our organization has been involved in promoting and getting the word out about these efforts and the benefit concerts and related appearances of our favorite musicians.

If you are considering making a personal donation, there are various organizations accepting donations, but you should be cautious about providing your financial information to anyone who solicits donations.

There are several organizations that are currently figuring prominently in this disaster. You can make your donations or contact them direct by clicking on their link below.

American Red Cross

The United Way

From the Archives:

More Concerts To Raise Money for Hurricane Katrina Victims

MegaMillions Raised From Hurricane Katrina Relief Concerts

Free Live Music Download:

"Gravity' by John Mayer Trio (JM3)
(performed during VH1 React Now Relief for Hurricane Katrina)

Hollywood Stars Help Haiti;Assist Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation;George Clooney Schedules Telethon

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wyclef Jean and Haiti Earthquake 2010:Urging Donations

Earthquake Update:

Platinum-selling rapper and record producer Wyclef Jean, who is a native son of Haiti himself, has decided to lead the charge to help his devastated homeland. And according to, he is doing it through his Twitter account.
The former Fugees star has taken to his Twitter account recently, to urge people to donate $5 to Haitian charity Yele Haiti. People can donate by texting YELE to 501501.
The donation then gets charged to your cellphone bill.(more...)

Massive Earthquake Devastates Haiti-500,000 Feared Dead

A massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti on Tuesday, leaving Port-au-Prince, the nation's capital, in ruins. Visit the Red Cross YouTube channel to find out how you can help.

Monday, January 11, 2010

VH 1 Storytellers to Premiere January 28,2010 at 8:00p.m.; From the Archives: John Mayer Trio Annual Holiday Revue Copley Symphony Hall San Diego Download;Half of My Heart- Free Music Download (s)

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 "VH1 Storytellers: John Mayer," premieres on VH1 on Thursday, January 28th at 8:00 PM. The seven-time Grammy® Award-winning Mayer treated his fans to a rare and intimate performance, Thursday December 10th at Brooklyn's Steiner Studios. This exclusive performance features a showcase of his new album "Battle Studies" and gives fans a unique opportunity to learn more about the inspiration behind his music.

John Mayer and VH1 President Tom Calderone also provided an opportunity for music fans to join them at the taping of the VH1 Storytellers on December 10, 2009 followed by a meet and greet and photo opportunity with Mayer for fans wanting to donate to a worthy cause.  The designated cause for this event was Do Something, a positive teen action non-profit. For more information and to share your story about how John Mayer's music has inspired you, 'click here. 

"Heartbreak Warfare" performance from the show taping can be found at this link.;

From the Archives:

The John Mayer Trio performed  their Annual Holiday Revue benefit December 29,2009 at Copley Symphony  Hall in San Diego, California. The Trio’s Annual Revue is a benefit concert which raises money each year for a designated charity. This year  a portion of concert proceeds will go to:
Military Outreach Ministry’s Camp Pendleton ( and NCIRE - The Veterans Health Research Institute ( For reviews and a download of the concert click here.

The live version of “Half of My Heart”, performed during Mayer's Music Hall of Williamsburg  concert is available for download below. While Ms. Swift was not there to provide her vocals on the song during the concert, Mayer’s new background singers did a terrific job. You can listen to the studio version (featuring Ms. Swift) on John Mayer’s CD Battle Studies, available in most digital markets and at your local record stores.
Free Downloads:

Half of My Heart ( Music Hall of Williamsburg-November 16,2009(Live Version)

John Mayer Trio Annual Holiday Revue Copley Symphony Hall-December 29, 2009

Friday, January 01, 2010

John Mayer Trio New Year's Eve at Hard Rock Cafe's The Joint Las Vegas;Mayer Toasts 82 Year Old Father;Free Music Download

Photo Credit:Cody Boor / Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
Photo Credit:Scott Berry

The John Mayer Trio performed last night at the Hard Rock Cafe's "The Joint" and rocked the New Year in sassy blues rock Trio style,I might add. From the reviews,I am sure they did both their fans and the rich rock culture of the venue which features exhibits of rock and pop music legends alike proud. They easily measured up to and in some cases,surpassed the standard. John electrified with his brand of  blistering,rhythmic and melodic guitar solos, Steve Jordon with thundering drum beats and Pino Palladino with his unique sounding bass.

The audience,per John's request was dressed up and most were glittering festive style,not to mention the Blues Brotheresque hat John was wearing and the suits adorned by the Trio. Before the New Year's countdown, John recognized his dad and mentioned to the crowd that his 82 year old father could out drink a lot of the people in the audience. Later, there was a drop of balloons filled with Trio pics to celebrate the New Year in as well as party favors of flashing flasks and silver party beads.

A comedy segment of  the show introduced by Bob Saget, included John's friend James Smith and comedian Jeffrey Ross .John in addition to keeping the music  alive and  skillfully slammin' kept the audience full of fun and laughter with his sometimes endearingly offbeat brand of humor which ranges from subtle wry wit to raw and direct.

For reviews,setlist and a download of the live show,click here.