Sunday, October 15, 2006

Invisible Children(click for more Info...)

I came across the most remarkable movie today. One that was released in April of this year. Quite honestly, I hope that admission of this tardy discovery is not viewed to my discredit. What moved me about as much as the story itself, is the manner in which the suffering and annihlation of yet another large population of Africans--in this case Ugandans instead of Sudanese--seems to have gone undetected by,or, should I say, missing, from the radar screen of mainstream media and its related cult of public personality almost entirely.

Unfortunately this fact does not suprise me. It does, however, impress upon me the urgency for vigilance concerning such matters by people of goodwill everywhere.No matter what their social strata or point of "creative entry",there is a need to seize the opportunity to do something about it at whatever level and "how they can". So,I recommend that you click on the link here, view the trailer and painstakingly scour the website for what you can do to make a difference. The site is chock full of dynamic offerings for meaningful involvement,including signing up for screenings of the film which also serve as opportunities to raise funds for the children of Uganda.
It seems quite an enormous artistic and humanitarian effort. Kudos to the "twenty-something" students that ventured out courageously and demonstrated their ompassion. I'm looking into hosting a screening of the film as well, among other things. I'm on it...check it out!


Invisible Children, Inc. is dedicated to providing financial resources to
invisible children by documenting their true, untold stories in a creative and
relevant way, resulting in positive change.