Monday, August 20, 2007

A Concert for Virginia Tech Updates


For information on how Virginia Tech students can pick up tickets and for further information about Hokies United Memorial T-Shirts on sale August 19,2007 to benefit the Concert for Virginia Tech with John Mayer,Dave Matthews Band,Nas and Phil Vassar, please click here.

Also for a special article entitled "Music Medicine Cometh to Lift the Spirits..." which is the first in a series of blog installments discussing the music for the upcoming concert from the perspective of the "Chaplain of Pop" and Heavier Octaves Radio Station Host,Revcoolc, as well as play lists featuring selections from participating musicians,click here.

If you have any tips or information to share about any projects of note in your local community,please email to We will then review it and determine whether to include it as part of our public service announcement broadcast.

Please stay tuned to Heavier Octaves podcasts,internet broadcasts and weblog for continued updates on this and other stories involving creative social and humanitarian action.

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