Saturday, December 02, 2006

John Mayer News Blast from the Past,Present and Future...

Well...looks like (I have it on good authority) that the next single from John Mayer's Continuum record will be the bluesy and soulful "Gravity" which is also the song he played last year for VH1's REAct Now Benefit for Hurricane Katrina surivivors.Here is the VH1 version of the song in the video below.For the most recent rendition,you might want to check out the new Continuum CD,if you don't already have it in your collection.If you do,then you know that John plays a mean "blues" guitar solo,there are some stellar background vocals and Alicia Keys was one of the musicians participating on the track.

John was recently in New York over the Thanksgiving holiday getting some much needed down time. He keeps busy these days with events like the Save the Music Foundation benefit which was held at the Esquire House 360 Degrees in Beverly Hills, California last night. There he ran into blues "rock badass" ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons who returned the acknowledgement in kind by proclaiming John a "bluesman." To learn more about that humorous meet up,you can read John's blog #30-"Things that Happened Last Night."

Ending on a Save the Music Foundation note,a current PSA campaign involves Beyonce,John Legend and Jewel. John is also a part of this project and PSA's featuring him will begin to air in January 2007. Here's an excerpt about that from a past CNN Money press release:

"Beginning on Thursday, November 9 the VH1 Save The Music Foundation will premiere the first of its series of new public service announcements (PSAs) featuring Beyonce, John Legend, Jewel, Rob Thomas. Each PSA will feature one of these artists as they speak about the importance of music education. Additional PSAs featuring John Mayer and Ciara will roll-out in 2007."

To learn more about this very enriching effort and to also view the current VH1 Save the Music Foundation PSAs featuring Beyonce,John Legend and Jewel, click here.