Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eric Clapton Announces 2010 Crossroads Guitar Festival :Jeff Beck,B.B.King,John Mayer ; Download of the Day-John Mayer Live Version Robert Johnson Blues Classic "Crossroads"

Eric Clapton annonces upcoming Crossroads Guitar Festival  on June 26,2010.  In a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine,Clapton shares why he takes on the mammoth project,which has been a tremendous draw for blues fans for several years.  “I do it because I want to hear these players,” Eric Clapton says.  The all-day stars-of-guitar show will be held at Toyota Park in Chicago; tickets go on sale February 20th. Like his 2004 and 2007 Crossroads concerts and the best-selling DVDs from those festivals, this year’s event benefits the Crossroads Centre, the addiction-treatment facility founded by Clapton on the Caribbean island of Antigua in the early Nineties (more)

Download of the Day

Crossroads(lve version from Music Hall of Williamsburg)

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