Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth Finale:John Mayer and Kanye West Join the Police on Stage Sending Out An SOS to the World...

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Sting,Kanye West,John Mayer and other members of Police, guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland on 7.7.07-Giants Stadium Finale-Click here for video of performance

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In what could truly be described as an historical event within an historical event, just as a picture within a picture on your video screen,that was what it was for this writer witnessing the live performance of The Police,John Mayer and Kanye West,all together on one stage.

The very last song performed on the Live Earth concert stage last night was the Police's "Message in A Bottle",which John Mayer covered with poignant acoustic sensitivity on his 2003 "Any Given Thursday" live double album release.As fortune would have it,he joined The Police in the once in a lifetime performance of it last night with Kanye West seizing the moment, roaring in on cue with his energetic rapping and body gyrations urging "we can save, change the world". It was a jam session made in heaven.

For many fans and concert attendees alike ,it was an emotionally charged and moving moment,having to both consider the message and its incredible source. Seeing all that talent and history joining together to answer the call for healing and protection of our planet through progressive conservation and environmental efforts was magical. I'm sure it must have been for Mayer who has long regarded The Police as childhood musical heroes, often referencing them in his song '83 and having made a popular cover of their song "Message in A Bottle."

John Mayer on vocals and guitar, Kanye West rapping it up,while pumping up the volume and the Police in full retrospective glory, made an impactful picture perfect ending to a breathtaking global concert line up. Did I use enough superlatives?

It was an awesome night all around,with live concert footage being zoomed in via satellite from other global venues such as London,Rio,Johannesburg,Tokyo and Sydney during breaks in live performances on the Giants stage.

The Police-Mayer-West ending made it a particularly awesome night at Giants Stadium. I hope you didn't miss it.

If you did by some chance, click here or below the photo above for the video,which did a good job of recapturing the moments.

Photo Source-John Mayer performing set with his band at Giants earlier in afternoon.

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