Friday, January 01, 2010

John Mayer Trio New Year's Eve at Hard Rock Cafe's The Joint Las Vegas;Mayer Toasts 82 Year Old Father;Free Music Download

Photo Credit:Cody Boor / Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
Photo Credit:Scott Berry

The John Mayer Trio performed last night at the Hard Rock Cafe's "The Joint" and rocked the New Year in sassy blues rock Trio style,I might add. From the reviews,I am sure they did both their fans and the rich rock culture of the venue which features exhibits of rock and pop music legends alike proud. They easily measured up to and in some cases,surpassed the standard. John electrified with his brand of  blistering,rhythmic and melodic guitar solos, Steve Jordon with thundering drum beats and Pino Palladino with his unique sounding bass.

The audience,per John's request was dressed up and most were glittering festive style,not to mention the Blues Brotheresque hat John was wearing and the suits adorned by the Trio. Before the New Year's countdown, John recognized his dad and mentioned to the crowd that his 82 year old father could out drink a lot of the people in the audience. Later, there was a drop of balloons filled with Trio pics to celebrate the New Year in as well as party favors of flashing flasks and silver party beads.

A comedy segment of  the show introduced by Bob Saget, included John's friend James Smith and comedian Jeffrey Ross .John in addition to keeping the music  alive and  skillfully slammin' kept the audience full of fun and laughter with his sometimes endearingly offbeat brand of humor which ranges from subtle wry wit to raw and direct.

For reviews,setlist and a download of the live show,click here.