Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Award Winning Director Jonathan Demme Does Film on Katrina;Sees More Filming Ahead


Jonathan Demme who recently appeared on the Tavis Smiley Show to discuss his Katrina film project is an activist and human rights advocate,directing several films and documentaries that prove his commitment to the cause.It is good to see a major film maker continuing to keep the situation in New Orleans lifted up and in the public eye.

As someone who participated in an "early" mission to the Hurricane Katrina ravaged Gulf Coast last year--our group was among some of the first to arrive their to help out, we documented stories on video and in photos.A very detailed account of the trip to New Orleans and other major cities along the Gulf Coast last January with fellow scholars and students from Union Theological Seminary's Poverty Initiative is contained and archived in this blog.

Stay tuned to Heavier Octaves for further information and updates on Katrina. Also,check out our "Katrina Playlist",which will be available soon.

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