Tuesday, December 14, 2004

John Mayer's Friend Raises Money for Atlanta Children-The Perfect Gift for John(Click here)

Scotty Crowe has a great and giving idea for the holidays which will benefit some needy children in Atlanta. I would say that it is a project worthy of duplication. And, Scotty certainly has the right idea. In the meantime:Happy holidays everyone and spread the "giving" and "loving" spirit. Also, stay tuned to Heavier Octaves Radio. We are friends and fans also and wish John the very best during the holidays as well. Good luck at the People's Choice Awards and at the Grammy's. Peace, Love and Joy this season and always...Cynthia Cynthiawilson@heavieroctaves.org
Below is an excerpt of Scotty's request and the link to his email and website for further information:

"Then I had an idea - maybe I could give John a gift and you could give John a gift and John could give some other folks a gift, all at the same time. What I would like to do, with your help, is place a donation in the name of John Mayer to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation. Atlanta, in my opinion, is where this whole thing started, so I think it's only fitting that the kids in Atlanta get a little more help so that maybe they can go on to be the next John Mayers, Ray Charleses, Hank Aarons, Ted Turners, Julia Robertses, Jackie Robinsons, Flannery O'Connors, BigBoi/Andre3000s, Dale Murphys, Herschel Walkers, Steven Soderberghs, Kanye Wests, Kelly Rowlands, Juliette Gordon Lows, Jimmy Carters, and Martin Luther King, Jrs.So please consider clicking the link below and making a donation of any amount - every dollar truly helps. It may take you a few minutes to register an account, but PayPal is something you can use in tons of other ways (paying bills, online auctions, etc). Just after the first of the year, I'll donate the total amount in John's name to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, which will hopefully have a wonderful 2005. Happy Holidays to all - thank you for at least making it this far. Yours, Scotty Crowe" scottycrowe@earthlink.net
For more information on Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, please visit

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