Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 11, 2006- Ocean Springs, Mississippi-Rich and Poor Alike-More Photos

All Photos by Cynthia Wilson,except#5.

Here are more photos of the day the Poverty Initiative's "Katrina Relief Team" spent removing debris from the property of Chris and Mary. Starting from the top as # 1- a photo of Reverend Ron of Emmanuel Baptist Church and the people who help him coordinate the "work relief" efforts in that area of Mississippi. #2 - Chris talking with one of our instructors Dr. Jan Rehmann. Chris is telling him that it was a breech of the levees which caused most of the damage in New Orleans.(Dominique Atchison and Willie Baptist are in the background) #3- Instructor, Dr. Steed Davidson wheelbarreling debris recently collected to the curbfront. #4-Susie Hermanson surveys an area on which the group just completed picking up debris. #5-Wille Baptist,Me(Cynthia Wilson) and Mica Root on the outskirts of Chris and Mary's property where a truck is transporting "unknown"materials in the background. Their house was right off the Gulf of Mexico. You can see a little bit of the Gulf in the background. #6- Jessica Chadwick and Emily Sieracki raking up debris. In the distant background are men on a golf cart. #7-Colleen Wessel-McCoy with a bag of Debris and collecting more.#8-a panoramic view of the debris surrounded foundation where Chris and Mary's home once stood, as Chris walks by. #8-Jessica Chadwick and Alix raking debris.#9-Tallu Schuyler uncovers an angel in all the debris!

The Ashbakers and their neighbors were all very grateful to receive help from Union Theological Seminary's Poverty Initiative relief workers. And, we were happy to be able to help out. It was a very rewarding experience on both sides.

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