Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Do John Mayer and Alicia Keys Have in Common?


What do John Mayer and Alicia Keys have in Common...that is,besides holiday lunching with their "name-saked" rapper friend Common?


Read the recent post on his Honeyee Blog entitled "In Harley We Trust" , the source of two of the included, photos,in addition to the info below, and decide for yourself... Then,carry on with your own independent research, also known as "googling further", and see what else you find out.


1.Multi-Platinum Albums

a. Mayer: Continuum (2006);Room for Squares (2003);Heavier Things(2005)
b. Keys: Unplugged (2005); Diary of Alicia Keys(2003); Songs in A Minor(2001)

2.Multiple Grammy Nominations and Wins

Keys is the winner of nine(9) Grammys so far. Mayer has won a total of three(3) and has been nominated for another five (5) this year in the following categories:

Album of the Year-Continuum

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance-Waiting On the World to Change

Best Pop Vocal Album-Continuum

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance-Route 66(Cars Soundtrack)

Best Rock Album-Try

3. Community Awareness


John Mayer and Alicia Keys both appear to be compassionate humanitarians based on the amount of time they spend helping out in the local and global community. Each frequently lend their time,name and talent to worthwile causes. The above is a photo of John performing with Alicia at the November 3,2005 Black Ball for the Keep A Child Alive Foundation, for which Alicia also serves as principal spokesperson. John supports various health concerns,artist development and other charitable efforts through his Back to You Fund.He has also lent his time and resources to "Toys for Tots", the Tsunami Benefit, and both Mayer with a performance of Gravity, as a member of the John Mayer Trio, and Keys participated in VH1's React Now Benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims. Keys also contributed her time and talent to Live 8 last year and also managed to sing a duet with Bono ,"Don't Give Up" with all proceeds going to purchase medicine for AIDS infected children in Africa.Mayer is looking forward to working more closely with the Save the Music Foundation in the future.

4. Good Friends

John Mayer and Alicia Keys were hanging out together recently with friends Common, Tracee Ross,Cassandra and Harley Pasternak (pictured above).Besides trusting in Harley Pasternak's fitness and training program,I understand he has a winning diet regimen from which all of his friends,including those pictured here, undoubtedly benefit.

By the way,shout-outs to Common for his appearance in those very positive and emotionally uplifting commercials for the Gap on the "Peace,Love,Gap" tip. Both Keys and Mayer have collaborated with the poetic rapper on recording projects and philantrophic efforts.

Incidentally,I think I'll be checking out Harley's diet...just between me, you and the bedpost. Everyone in that party appears to be healthy and fit. I want in on the secret...

Also,happy collaborations between Mayer and Keys on any upcoming musical projects...if they are in the works...


Peace,Joy and Love to All during the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

I for one cannot wait to see what they've done together on her upcoming album. It should be pretty sweet. It's refreshing that they've got nothing but good things to say about one another.


ciamar said...

I've also wanted to know what they played togeter at the Black Ball Affair last year. It's still a mystery.


Anonymous said...

I think one of the songs was "Help from my Friends and/or Gravity".