Friday, January 25, 2008

Green Notes: Radio Program Update and PSAs- Mayercraft Sets Sail on Environmentally Friendly Cruise;Also, Live Earth Teach-Ins Scheduled Nationwide

Mayercraft Greened by Reverb!

Mayercraft Carrier along with the help of non-profit Reverb, Another Kind of Green and NativeEnergy and most importantly, the fans, will be working to neutralize the environmental impact of the cruise. The ultimate goal is to neutralize ALL of the carbon dioxide emissions from the cruise and beyond (flights, drives, etc.)

This groundbreaking effort is part of the ongoing collaboration between Sixthman, Reverb and Another Kind of Green—their continuing effort to make everything they do as eco-friendly as possible. Mayercraft Carrier and NativeEnergy will both donate to the carbon offset program, and they are asking you to join in helping them to meet their goal of a totally carbon neutral cruise!

Check out the "Give and Win" page for more information on how to get started. You can be a part of this pioneering effort by donating and winning some incredible items, by being a part of the eco-activities on board, and by visiting the Reverb Green Spot.

Stay tuned for more PSAs and updates from Heavier Octaves' Podcast Radio and our blogs about what you can do to to make a "green" difference on the Mayercraft. Bon Voyage and much fun to all going on the trip! See you on the eco-friendly seas.

Live Earth Teach Ins-January 31,2008

On January 31,2007 more than 1400 schools and colleges across the country will hold
educational events on the climate crisis.You can find an event near you or sign up to host a
screening of a webcast on January 30,2008. Be part of an unprecedented teach-in and call to
action on climate issues.Fifteen members of Congress are already schedule to participate-is yours one of them.For more information go to or

This sounds like a good thing!Pass the word along to your local school and get involved.

Stay tuned to Heavier Octaves for further updates.



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