Thursday, December 10, 2009

Climate Summit:EPA Wants to Legislate Greenhouse Gases; From the Archives:John Mayer Makes A Case To Stop Global Warming and Videos of Hot Live Earth Performances 7.7.07

On a related note,Live Earth was the largest concert event on the planet more than two years ago,July 7,2007. Dubbed a concert for a climate in crisis, a host of musical talent and celebrity appearance made it one of the most memorable music concerts of the decade. Heavier Octaves has some of the videos of the hottest performances. Also from the archives,check out how John Mayer weighed in on the global warming matter months before the concert concept came into existence.See a performance by Alicia Keys at this link.

Some of the musicians,including John Mayer,Bonnie Raitt, have kept the spirit of the Live Earth pledge alive by initiating and/or continuing their own environmental awareness projects in conjunction with their concert tours.Bonnie with Green Highway Project and Mayer with AKOG with the help of Reverb.

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