Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year's Eve with the John Mayer Trio: Las Vegas Retrospective Slideshow Link;Tweeting With Justin Siegel;Download Heartbreak Warfare Acoustic Version

As reported on the Tumblr "one forty plus." blog today:

To all patrons of the John Mayer Trio New Year’s Eve Concert,
I’ve decided that in order to add a little extra sass to the evening’s festivities, I am suggesting (though not requiring, obviously) you come in ‘black tie’ dress attire. (Think ‘Mad Men’ and then you’ll get the idea.) You should feel no pressure to make any purchases just for this night, but if you want to ring the new year in with refined elegance, the band will be dressed in our best suits and I’d love to stare out into the crowd and see what the old timers must have seen so many nights over in a Las Vegas room; men in their suits, women in their dresses, white gloves, hats…
I hope this idea excites you as much as it does me, and I can’t wait to ring in 2010 like it was 1970. Except everyone has cell phones. And gasoline.

See you there!

(finger gun,)


In a related tweet on December 21, 2009 at 6:02 p.m. John wrote:

Practicing for Trio shows. It's like training for a prize fight. Left forearm shuts down mid-tune if I don't keep conditioned. from Twittelator

Later that same day at 10:42p.m. to be exact, he exchanged tweets with Justin Seigel:

@johncmayer vocal with syrupy verb panned left, hi hat panned hard right. Mix complete. from Twitterrific in reply to johncmayer

@justinsiegel do one in mono! My next record comes in both versions. from Twittelator in reply to justinsiegel

Download  acoustic version of  "Heartbreak Warfare" here.

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