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John Mayer Takes Florida by Storm With Concerts in Tampa and Jacksonville,FLA Stories and Photos Below

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John Mayer vs. Tampa
St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida
February 5, 2010
The second stop on the tour landed us in Tampa. A rainy Friday afternoon turned into one hot night! Mayer & Company brought their A-game and stepped it up a bit from the amazing show last night. I love watching these shows progress over a tour. Everyone becomes more comfortable and in their own skin, it’s amazing. I advise everyone to go see a show at the beginning and at the end of the tour, the difference will make you appreciate what these guys/gals do even more!
“Belief” showed up in the set tonight. The Britney mic, however did not. I just want to say that it gives Mayer more mobility to perform on stage; he’s not confined to one spot while singing and playing. It’s different! So vote me in for the headset mic!
It was June of 2002 when I first heard “No Such Thing” on the radio. I was in the car with my Mom (shout out) when it came on, I remember looking at her and saying, “This is John Mayer, he’s going to be famous.” Little did I know just how famous of a musician Mayer would become. I have loved every minute of watching his career take off. Every time I hear “No Such Thing” it always brings me back to that moment. It was great to hear it tonight.
Unlike last night, tonight Mayer was talkative which is another thing I love about seeing one of his shows. It’s so personal, half the time I don’t know what he’s talking about, not sure if he does either, but he’s not just playing song after song, he’s sharing his experiences with you. And I think that’s why he has such an amazing fan base and has been able to sustain his career for 10+ years. So tonight he rambled on about the Mets (complete with baseball announcer voice) and Christmas with his family, Mayer even told Steve Jordan, “I don’t know what I’m talking about.”
“My Stupid Mouth” was teased a bit before “Half of My Heart.” Before “Gravity” Mayer talked about how this past year had been tough for everyone and how we keep him where the light is. Thank you, John, for keeping me where the light is.
Earlier this afternoon Mayer tweeted a request for a solo acoustic song in the encore, however due to time or something, the performance didn’t happen. Just in case for those who were wondering, it was listed on the set list!
Florida, you’ve kept me warm! I’ll meet up with you guys in B-ham on Tuesday night! More pics to come!
Set List:
Heartbreak Warfare
Bigger Than My Body
Perfectly Lonely
Steve Jordan Drum Solo into Waiting
Waiting On the World To Change>Charlie Wilson rockin’ keys>Mayer changin’ guitars
Edge of Desire
My Stupid Mouth (tease)
Half of My Heart>Dreams by Stevie Nicks
All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
No Such Thing

Who Says
Friends, Lovers, Or Nothing

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