Friday, June 03, 2005

Live 8-The Long Walk to Justice

A massive global effort by leaders in the music industry`a la Bob Geldof who brought us "Live Aid" twenty years ago is being launched. The line-up of music heavies include Will Smith, P.Diddy, Stevie Wonder, Jay-z, Elton John,U2, Coldplay,etc. You get the picture.

It has been principally undertaken to raise awareness, voices and money about the state of global poverty,especially in Africa and other developing countries. It is being organized in anticipation of a global summit meeting on July 6, 2005 in Gleneagles, Scotland of eight leaders of the richest and most powerful countries in the world.

While benefit concerts abound with catchy fundraising slogans every season or so for worthy causes, I believe that this event and others like it herald in a new age of "global consciousness" where people are sincerely being "called on" to truly make a difference. And, at the slight chance that this is not the case, it could by sheer force of "positive thought" followed up with meaningful and persistent action by the masses be the result anyway. Because today the move is "to raise voices" as well as money.

We all know how important money is and it is often invaluable in bringing about results which could not otherwise be brought about. But can you imagine how powerful a shift in global thinking might actually be? So my friends, click on the above headline link and prepare yourself for the new twist to a classic trend, reaching out through music to lift "consciousness" and change our world.

If a little money is raised in the process that just might do the trick. But,how well have I learned over the years that money isn't everything. It can be a tremendous help and play a vital role in global development and transformation if channeled constructively. Yes. If distributed evenly and well, a good amount of folks just might be fed, clothed, housed and recepients of adequate health care.

We at Heavier Octaves will keep you posted on developments through our blog and radio broadcast. Stay tuned. Here's the link to the Heavier Octaves Radio Podcast.

For further information about "Live 8" click on the above link or click here.


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