Monday, November 28, 2005

Heroic Efforts to Raise Public Awareness on Global Warming-Spotlight on a Warrior(click for more info...)

On Thanksgiving I had the chance to break bread with a dear friend and her family,who by the way happens to be one of the best cooks around. During our dinner we touched on lots of important subjects. Her son, Billy Parish,is now organizing students to raise public awareness about global warming and its devastating impact upon our planet. There is a big event planned in Montreal where leaders of energy producing nations will dialogue on issues important to the future of the Earth's atmosphere.

Billy is a quiet and modest person of integrity. His action is consistent with who he is. It's about time that we started to demonstrate our support for these kind of qualities in our leaders. Then, just maybe, we wouldn't have to fight so hard on the tail end to reverse and correct some of the uncaring policies that spawn global warming and other environmental catastrophies waiting to happen.

For more about Mr Parish,please read the article featuring him and others in the November issue of Rolling Stone magazine by clicking on the above headline link to this blog entry.

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