Sunday, February 05, 2006

John Mayer Makes a Case to Stop Global Warming

John Mayer in a well crafted appeal, sets forth his honest views about global warming and other "heady" concerns in his recent "My Space" blog specifically addressing this controversial topic which has continued to grow in worldwide interest.

In his usual clever and witty style,Mayer entices his readers with the subject heading "Free Online Haircut". After the following lead in, "Now that I have your attention...", he goes into detail about how he was gradually,although it might appear to have been instantaneous sans a closer reading, won over by the apparently savvy head of the organization,Stop Global Warming, and asks his fans and loyal blog readers to sign up for a virtual march organized by the organization. Some of the virtual marchers include such high profile celebs as actor Leonardo Dicaprio, Senator Barack Obama and former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume to name a few. Mayer's quite persuasive and it looks like a worthwhile endeavor.

At least it will start you thinking on the matter,if you have not begun to do that already. It certainly has gotten Mr.Mayer thinking enough to want to pass on the challenge to his friends and fans to do the same. Follow the headline link for some interesting insight and gain a window into the quirky,yet creative heart and mind of one of music's well respected and admired musicians on this important environmental issue.

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