Friday, January 15, 2010

Heavier Octaves Supports Haitian Relief Efforts;From the Archives More Concerts To Aid Hurricane Katrina Victims/MegaMillions Raised For Hurricane Katrina;Free "Live" Music Download Gravity by JM3

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Heavier Octaves, Inc. is a non-profit grass roots humanitarian membership organization inspired by the music and fan communities of the founders' favorite musician(s). Its mission is supporting and promoting music,events,art, musicians and friends who heighten perspective,build community and improve the environment while getting the word out employing innovative new media, music and art. As part of that support we launch fund raising projects to assist needed future humanitarian programs or those already in progress,garnering resources from our members and the larger community.

The devastating earthquake in Haiti has caused death,destruction to property and many Haitians are left homeless and without food. This calamity has generated a global outpouring of sympathy and support. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti who have been affected by this disaster, as well as concerned relatives and friends. We will be keeping our members updated and promoting information as well as events associated with relief efforts on our blog,podcasts and videos at the grassroots level. You are also free to post a blog or share pictures and videos. This blog is an open forum. We just ask you to leave an email address, so we can add you to our mailing list and contact you directly with updates.

Our members have in the past, traveled to the scene of devastation rendering aid and assistance to the Hurricane Katrina ravaged gulf coast. Those travels are well documented on our blog with entries and photos detailing what we witnessed and the aid we rendered. In addition, our organization has been involved in promoting and getting the word out about these efforts and the benefit concerts and related appearances of our favorite musicians.

If you are considering making a personal donation, there are various organizations accepting donations, but you should be cautious about providing your financial information to anyone who solicits donations.

There are several organizations that are currently figuring prominently in this disaster. You can make your donations or contact them direct by clicking on their link below.

American Red Cross

The United Way

From the Archives:

More Concerts To Raise Money for Hurricane Katrina Victims

MegaMillions Raised From Hurricane Katrina Relief Concerts

Free Live Music Download:

"Gravity' by John Mayer Trio (JM3)
(performed during VH1 React Now Relief for Hurricane Katrina)

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